Arranged marriages for the millennial

Conversations have become texting, interactions have become phone calls, feelings have become subliminal messages, emotions have become emojis and the process has become painstakingly customised. With a plethora of choices on matrimonial websites, the men and women of the 21st century are trying hard to find the best match. While fantasizing about stars with beautiful body and celebrity status, each one is waiting for the perfect partner. Men look for women who could be tagged “beauty with brains” while women are still romancing their imaginary “tall, dark and handsome”. Since a perfect combination is pretty virtual, one swipes left and right numerous times a day, trying to shortlist the opposite sex on dating apps. Short-listing is so difficult since everyone is looking for a custom-made human in their life-partner. While acceptance should be the first step to meet, jotting down pros and cons is the initial stage to string a chord. Tailor-made imaginary life partners haunt every millennial in their sleep while the parents spend sleepless nights wondering about the benefits of time reversal. The parents recall their stories of Indian arranged marriage set-up where compatibility is developed post marriage. Today, gen-Z has ‘compatibility’ check on their list while they are interrogating each other for hours in a coffee shop. Love has lost its genuineness, trust is used out of context, being hurt has become a natural phase of life and letting go is the sole option left to rekindle happiness. This is sad, but true. So you have found someone that is worth all of it, don’t take things for granted, fight for them and win this battle. I heard the angels in my sleep. They whispered – You are one decision away from a beautiful happy life, make it! I let that sink in.

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