Problem. One or two or many. Problem is a problem. Problems like unemployment, marriage etc.

Let’s take unemployment. Are you unemployed?

You may probably think that a job would solve all your problems.

The truth is that employed people have problems too.

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Some crib going to work on Monday mornings; some don’t like their jobs; some don’t like their boss; some work to live rather than live to work.

Rest assume that they would be happier if they were self-employed.

But many self-employed people have problems like managing personnel and employee relationships for maximum productivity.

Well then, what’s the answer? Retirement?

How many people long to reach 65, planning for each day they can lie in the Sun, take each day as it comes, be accountable to no-one, and still have money to live comfortably?

Hence, retired people have problems too.

Successful rich people? Well, money and success doesn’t eliminate problems, they create new ones.

Imagine you are rich and successful enough to hire cleaning people and custodians to do all the jobs you hate? Sound wonderful? Not really.

Yes, every living person has problems.

Let’s embrace problems gracefully. With zeal and enthusiasm, strive and achieve.


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