Quintessentially me – strong and self-contained!

Welcome to my website!

I am Priti Saigal.

About me: I like the smell of the earth, the touch of waves. the taste of berries, the sight of trees,  the sound of laughter, and the feeling of being fully alive.

I am an offbeat traveler, an avid reader who is passionate towards all forms of art while being self-driven to achieve. I am decisive by nature, curious to learn and a believer of conscious living.

People describe me as open, confident, intuitive, decisive, witty and humble with a sense of humor and a taste for adventure. I describe myself as an individual suffering from ambition and addicted to success.

I believe:-

“Every master was once a beginner.

Every pro started as an amateur.

Every icon began as an unknown.”

All in all, I am a “dream chaser, rule breaker, risk taker”…