BELIEF: IT means the world to me

A day comes when the caterpillar decides that it will not remain a caterpillar anymore. So it goes into its cocoon to develop the wings and to become a butterfly.

The beliefs you hold in the beginning of a journey define your journey.

Rationalists would scream, “When I see it, I will believe it. The fact of life is, “Only when you believe in it, you will be able to see it.” Your life is a mere reflection of your beliefs.

Your attitude, skills and knowledge are all mere means for the fulfilment of your beliefs. Your belief precedes and superimposes all other factors. To be rich, you have got to believe you can be rich. To be healthy, you have got to believe you can be healthy. To fill your life with love, happiness and peace, you have got to believe you deserve a life of love, happiness and peace.

You cannot outperform your beliefs. Either you can perform to your beliefs or, maybe, underperform to your beliefs. So, if you want to alter your life, you need to alter your beliefs. Your life expands when your beliefs expand. Your life shrinks when your beliefs shrink.

Ordinary people, when they hold on to extraordinary beliefs, become extraordinary people. Your belief in abundance will bring abundance into your life. When there is only scarcity in your beliefs, only scarcity will be maintained. Man is the co-author of his destiny. God completes the sentence you begin. That’s why even God cannot give you beyond your beliefs. Rain fills the size of your vessel. Whether your life is filled with scarcity, adequacy or abundance depends on the size of your beliefs.

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