Loving a girl

Loving a girl takes nothing or rather say, everything because a girl commands attention, respect and passion. Give her these and she gives her entire world to you. She hands over her heart to you believing that you shall nurture it with love and care forever and ever. With confidence and ego, a man should show utmost dignity and humility while accepting her, promising her to hold her in odd and even. She deserves better than the best since she uses her intelligence, wittiness, strength and creativity to build your house of dreams. The quickest way to a woman’s heart is through her mind. She might be stubborn but she would call it her ‘determination’ to let love flow in bounds and beyond. She would be proud of herself at times and willful too; for she is equally proud of her love, her love that is kind and non-judgemental. She wants to be reassured once in a while; else her confidence can be easily bruised. Admire her, praise her. She will do the unbelievable for you, for your happiness. Once she is comfortable with you, she will be playful and shall tease you in harmless ways. Compliment her but genuinely, for if you are not genuine, she is smart enough to tell from a mile away. She wants to be guided, not controlled. She would love to be in your friends circle with pride. Being insecure or unsure of yourself while socializing shall drop her self-esteem. She wants to be independent. Let her be for it shall boost her self-image. Don’t neglect her. She will become distant and sulky. Love her truly. It’s worth it!

Photo by luizclas on Pexels.com

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