This break I went to a resort city famed for its vibrant nightlife; yes you guessed it right! Vegas it is. Well, it is believed that, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But here I am to give you a glimpse of Las Vegas, the lustful city in Nevada, USA.

Driving into the famous town of Las Vegas, you wouldn’t imagine that you were about to enter a twenty-four hour party. As I crossed the dry Nevada desert and topped the last bare hill, I couldn’t believe the sight that was right before my very eyes. Everywhere I looked I saw flashing fluorescent lights, buildings that seemed to touch the clear sky, people walking the entire length of the Vegas Strip, taxis and buses speeding and so much more. I was about to embark on a wild four-day adventure. I stayed at the hotel, Venetian. The hotel’s architecture was amazing. Every hotel on the Vegas strip has the towers’ intricately designed to command attention, and the posh interior is well-curated with tasteful artwork embellishing common areas. Eye-catching pieces include sculptures, large-scale installations and paintings created by artists from all over the world. In my fashionable attire, I did visit the Hyde Las Vegas NightClub. The best part about Hyde is not what can be found inside its doors or on its refreshing balconies, but what lies right outside the venue. No matter where you may find yourself in the club, you’ll find a first rate view of the famous Fountains of the Bellagio. The soft lights that radiate from the water show bask Hyde, rounding off that Tuscany feel with the relaxing look of the moon’s glow is mesmerizing. The striptease show “Fantasy” does justice to the name ‘sin-city’. However, I did take some time out from the glitz and glamour of the strip to be one with nature by exploring the ruddy-hued canyon, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Colourful sandstone Calico Hills, limestone Indian roasting pits and the petroglyphs at Willow Springs are breathtaking. I also covered the panoramic view of Hoover Dam. No wonder, to see picturesque views of Lake Mead and the Colorado River, the dam receives more than 1 million annual visitors.

The city of night-crawlers, dazzling moreover past sunset, heaven for gamblers, fabulous range of casinos, replicas of wondrous architecture and landscapes of the world and a delight of utter booze and food in the oasis island in the desert of Nevada, Las Vegas is the best benchmark to set for an exciting, exhilarating and party extravaganza holidays in North America. Spectacular musical fountains, gigantic hotels, fabulous casinos and all night parties are something that made my trip memorable for eternity.


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