Currency – A paradigm pendulum between money and morals

“Currency. Your country’s currency. My country’s currency. Different it is!” exclaimed a traveller.

“Is it really different?” asked a saint to the traveller.

Different in the eyes of God?

Different enough to give you peace of mind?

Different enough to keep you happy?

I don’t think so.

Currency exchange rate has certainly been a source of greed. It is a miser’s personal brand of heroin.

It is a rich man’s reason for possession. It is a poor man’s reason for insomnia.

Who created this? God or Man? Currency exchange rate is definitely man-made for God will not differentiate amongst any two. The birth of the exchange rate is the result of differential attitude and behaviour of a man towards another.

How much could 10 French franc in 1898 buy in today’s rupees?

Can it buy self-confidence? Can it buy self-dependence? Can it buy self-satisfaction?

There is no dearth of financial resources. In reality, lacking are good intentions to use the limited finances for the right purposes. People deposit their savings in foreign banks, making money neither useful for them nor for their motherland.

The fundamental cause of crisis in financial markets all over the world can be traced to the decline of humanity and moral value system. Currency value of any country can be protected by the preservation of human values. Today’s man is confused whether morals or money, which holds more value. Man has himself created the value of pound, dollar, bullion etc. However, he is forgetting that the actual value declining is the ‘value of man’. The depreciation of man is responsible for appreciation of demand for all the commodities.

Man should soon realize that he is the most valuable form in the entire creation of God. Hence it is unwise to grief the apparent devaluation of land, money, bullion….when on the contrary the human should actually grief on the ‘devaluation of man’.

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