Beauty of every Season

Amidst the pride of biological diversity lies the richness of flora and fauna. Flora and Fauna are the reason of eternal beauty of every season. Flora, the crown of flowers adorning the lovely maiden is the goddess of spring. When the rain drops fall gently on lush green flora, rivers gush all over again. When the sunlight beams through the clouds, the brightly glistening flora sheds its crown. The flora and fauna unite in the tranquil meadows and vast fields honeycombed with swarming bees and rabbit holes. Roses love but beware the thorns, daffodils whisper of coming spring and poppies dream a great many things. The thunder claps from high up so loud and lightning strikes from a darkened cloud. This is when fauna hides from the thunderous sound. The stars may wink last goodbyes and the Sun might disappear. The moon may shrink and come to a naught when man will realize late enough to shed a tear. The universe may turn to dust when all the flora and fauna will waste away. Man will then spend his time in darkness hoping for a brand new day.


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