Repurpose your Eclipse

When Life Trips,

When Love trips,

It is time to

Repurpose the eclipse…

Life…Life revolves around people and tasks. Society makes norms, norms for people to execute tasks. However, when one does anything out of these norms, either becomes famous if success touches him/her, or becomes a loser if failure kisses him/her. Time and again, this has been the law of human nature. Life is thus a sine curve or a flat line ….who decides? It is you!

No one wants to declare their dream dead unless it is, in fact, dead. But if yours is on life support because of people whom you call your ‘flesh and blood’, you need to learn to ignore and walk straight with your chin up. If your people don’t trust in your instincts and you’re still channelling valuable resources into a eclipsing cause, you may need to push your limits a little beyond the horizons. The Wright brothers tested their flying machines without an audience for years, encountering scepticism and apathy. The first powered flights weren’t covered by the press. The Wrights were visionaries; they persevered until their genius flew up the S-curve and off the charts. A slow start isn’t the whole story.

We all want to do what we love, even if the nature’s force is against us. And there are plenty of times when the only thing standing between us and the outcome we desire is patience and perseverance. Man by nature is sensitized to sunken cost and this reminds me that even if your dream is eclipsed, experience is a great instructor. After a long period of wandering for 9 months, I have finally found my purpose. I have repurposed my single purpose of ‘professional commitment’ to multiple purposes of ‘social service, painting, writing, reading and living life on my terms’. I have re-purposed from an immature 20-year-old in college to searching for the silver bullet which shall give life meaning and fulfilment.

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