Moral fibre or Intellectual capacity? Choose one!

A business person with strong moral fibre, for example, would decline a bribe, and put his self interests aside for the benefit of the company and its shareholders. Centuries of professional and philosophical debate have never resolved whether acquired morality, like good taste, is born to some and unattainable by others or otherwise. There is a wide range of natural moral fibre and of acquired moral fibre brought about by experience or virtue. There have been several studies discussing the effects of moral intelligence on leadership and overall performance of an organization. Leaders who are morally intelligent are more committed, continuously learn from others around them, are more humble, and more willing to risk their own self-interests for the greater good of moral goals. I am happy to meet several people who make moral decisions rapidly and subconsciously, so much so that it seems absolutely genuine and flawless. Obvious, but explicitly mentioning it here, an ethical position cannot be “built from zero” using only science and logic, but it can indeed be “grown” from preference, and stem somewhat formally from a core ability to recognize others, appreciate talents, praise risk-takers, encourage the weak and/or be inspired by articles of faith in Almighty.

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