Everlasting Peace and Joy

How should our outlook in life be, if we need everlasting peace and joy?

A millionaire pays income-tax with tears in the eyes; a headmaster joyfully gives up the furniture and laboratory appliances of his school when transferred to another location. Why? Because the headmaster knows that he is only the caretaker, not the owner. He is not attached to these articles; he knows that they belong to the government. So, too, feel that your family, your house, your fields, your car, are all the Lord’s property and that you are only the trustee; be ready to give them up without a murmur at a moment’s notice. You must give up your pursuit of sensory objects if you seek lasting peace and joy. Material wealth brings along with it, not only joy but grief as well. Accumulation of riches, multiplication of wants – these lead only to alternation between joy and grief. Attachment is the root of both joy and grief; detachment is the savior.

Photo by Javon Swaby on Pexels.com

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